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Turf Solutions Group Utilizes New Design Services for Mercy Street in Dallas, TX

TSG Project in Dallas, TX: Mercy Street Sports Complex Design 3D Image

DALLAS, TX (January 2014) - In 2010, a baseball field opened in West Dallas, TX, called the "Field of Dreams." For its players it really is a dream come true. Founded by the non-profit Mercy Street, it has served the community as a place for impoverished kids ages 5-14 to learn baseball and develop life skills from volunteer coaches and staff. In 2013, Mercy Street turned to Turf Solutions Group (TSG) to help them continue that dream, by professionally designing and building two softball fields, a soccer field, two youth soccer fields and a multi-purpose field to accompany the already existing baseball field.

To accomplish this, TSG implemented its design service to give Mercy Street a realistic look at its new complex. First, a master plan of improvements was designed. It was then transformed into a 3-D image that can be easily previewed from any device. These new 3-D renderings help convey what the facility will look like before it's actually built, which helps Mercy Street explain the expansion to the donors of its non-profit organization. TSG's service designs master plans and translates them to exciting fly over animated previews. Donors can understand the scope of the project before groundbreaking ever begins, giving Mercy Street the advantage it needs to help its community.

TSG Project in Dallas, TX: Mercy Street Sports Complex Design 2D Image

Mercy Street was founded to assist the poor of West Dallas. When the organization first started in 2003, the high school drop-out rate in the area was devastating. Only 85 of 394 students, who started in the fall of 1999, made it to senior year. Along with student mentor programs, Mercy Street is passionate about teaching kids values through sports. Their goal is "to provide kids with positive influences and role model through our coaches and a healthy, safe environment to compete in individual and team sports." At little cost, parents can sign kids up to join teams and learn the fundamentals of baseball. It is Mercy Street's goal to instill core life values through recreation to the more than 400 kids in their baseball and softball programs and more than 1000 in their soccer program. These lessons have helped kids break the cycle of poverty and succeed, all through the fun of sports.

The West Dallas Little League has been going for four years now and is starting their 2014 season in March. With Turf Solutions Group's professional design and construction, Mercy Street can begin a new chapter in their sports and charity activities. But while they wait, the Mercy Street community can look forward to future sports fun on their new fields, through the professional design service provided by TSG.

TSG Project in Dallas, TX: Mercy Street Sports Complex Design 3D Image

"With more than twenty years of experience in recreational land design and development, Turf Solutions Group provides the architects, planners, project managers and construction resources to ensure projects get completed on time and on budget. TSG specializes in design, construction, finance, and marketing for golf development projects and athletic facilities throughout North America and parts of Europe, Asia and Central America. TSG has provided services in 47 states within the United States and more than eight foreign countries."

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